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Terrorism Preparedness


Red Cross disaster responder at scene of terrorist attack



Terrorist attacks like the ones we experienced on September 11, 2001 have left many concerned about the possibility of future incidents of terrorism in the United States and their potential impact. They have raised uncertainty about what might happen next, increasing stress levels. There are things you can do to prepare for terrorist attacks and reduce the stress that you may feel now and later should another emergency arise. Taking preparatory action can reassure you and your children that you can exert a measure of control even in the face of such events.


What You Can Do to Prepare for Terrorism

Finding out what can happen is the first step. Once you have determined the events possible and their potential in your community, it is important that you discuss them with your family or household. Develop a disaster plan together.

What to Do If a Terrorism Event Occurs

A Word on What Could Happen

As we’ve learned from previous events, the following things can happen after a terrorist attack: