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The Hubbard Township Police Department is proud of the service that we provide to our community. The safety and well being of each Township resident is very important to us. However, in this day and age, as parents you can never be too careful about the safety of your children. You can also never be too cautious when it comes to how much information you have about your child in the event your child may be discovered missing.

Everyday police departments across this country are taking reports about missing children. The officers that take these reports rely on specific information to be provided to them by the parents. Did these parents have all the information requested by the officers? Chances are that they did not or there was a delay in obtaining the needed information. Any delay in retrieving this information creates unneeded obstacles in the attempts of the police department to locate the missing child.

Not all parents realize the necessity of keeping updated information records about their children in a safe location to have in the untimely event that that child has to be reported missing. A physical description such as date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, sex, race and social security number are some of the most necessary pieces of information you can have about your child.

Updating your child’s information as they grow older along with regular checkups with their doctor and dentist will assist the departments in the event that the patient information of these doctors is required. When a person is registered as missing with the National Criminal Identification Center or NCIC, there is a brief time period until the departments are required to enter such information as dental and medical records. This information is easily accessible if the missing person had been seeing their doctor and dentist for regular check ups.

Another form of information that will assist police in the location of your missing child is fingerprints. No matter how old your child gets, their fingerprints never change. Unlike height and weight, your child’s fingerprints are an unchangeable means of identification, as no two people can have the same prints. If you have not had the opportunity to have your child fingerprinted, the Hubbard Township Police Department will do this for you free of charge.

We have prepared a Child Identification Form for you to print (choose PRINT from your browser's options) and fill out with information about your child. This form, along with a recent picture and fingerprint card should be kept in a safe place readily accessible in the event they are needed. Updating your information and photographs will ensure that your information will always remain accurate.



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