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Child Abuse

Child Abuse: Child abuse takes place when a child is harmed by someone else physically, psychologically, or by acts of neglect.

Physical abuse occurs when a caretaker allows or inflicts non-accidental physical injury that causes a substantial risk to the child's physical well-being and health. Physical injuries may include burns, bruises, welts, broken bones, or internal injuries.

Indicators of Physical Abuse:

Psychological abuse is a pattern of behavior that retards a child's development and sense of self-worth by conveying to the child that they are worthless, flawed, unloved, or unwanted. Psychological abuse may include insults, constant criticism, harsh demands, threats, and yelling.

Indicators of Psychological Abuse:

Neglect is the leading form of child abuse in the United States and occurs when a caretaker fails to provide for a child's basic needs which include adequate food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, or safekeeping. As a result of such treatment, the child's physical, mental, or emotional development is impaired.

Indicators of Neglect: