Crime Prevention
You Can Make The Difference...



Some times, you may find yourself witnessing a crime. If that should happen, it is absolutely vital that you contact the police and provide us with critical information to help us catch the criminal. Helping the police is to your own benefit, because it gets the lawbreaker off the street. Even if the ultimate punishment is no more than probation, it brings the person to the attention of the Criminal Justice System, which can help reduce the likelihood that the offender will victimize someone else, possibly even YOU!

Hollywood likes to portray criminals as being vengeful against the person who "turns them in." In reality, retaliation against a witness or victim is an extremely rare occurrence. In fact, there are times when you may even remain anonymous when reporting your observations to the police. The only way for things to get better is for YOU TO GET INVOLVED! But don't wait 20 minutes or 2 hours and then to yourself that you should have called. By then it can be too late. When you see it happened, CALL!!! Your phone call could make the difference in catching that criminal, or solving a case.


1. Observe the situation as carefully as you can. Take note of:
    A. Where is the crime occurring? Give the street address or intersection.
    B. What is happening? (street robbery, selling drugs, etc.)
    C. Are there any weapons involved?
    D. Who is doing it? Give as complete of a description as possible of the person involved (see the diagram below).
    E. Are they using a car? Describe the car:
    Make (Chevrolet, Ford, etc.)
    Body Style (2-door, etc.)
    And License Number

2. DIAL 9-1-1. Remain calm and speak clearly. Give the police operator as much information as you can. DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL TOLD TO BY THE 911 DISPATCHER!

3. Keep watching. If the person leaves before the police arrive, watch where he or she goes and tell the police officers when they arrive, or if you are still on the phone with the 911 Dispatcher, make sure to tell that information to them as soon as you see it.