Foreclosure Scams...

Unfortunately in this day and age with our country's economic situation, many families find themselves falling behind financially. For some it may be with their vehicle payments, credit card payments or even utility bills, and for others it could be their house payment. Its unfortunate to think of but there are people who have fallen so far behind with their house payments that they are now facing foreclosure.  What is even more unfortunate is the fact that even these people can fall prey to criminal scams.


Homeowners today are targeted frequently by scammers promising loan modifications, lower interest rates and foreclosure relief. Donít believe their claims.

In exchange for a fee, scam artists might promise to save your home from foreclosure. But if you do business with them, you risk losing your money and your home.

Donít trust companies that:

Charge fees

Promise help that sounds too good to be true

Ask for money up front

Promise you ďspecial bailout fundsĒ or hint they work for or are affiliated with the government

Use high-pressure tactics or say you must act right away

Say they can help you regardless of your financial situation

Tell you not to call your lender or the court

Tell you not to make your mortgage payment

Promise an attorney will look over your loan, but wonít give you a name or phone number

Give you a lengthy agreement you must sign before they will help

Brag about how they are faster than nonprofit counseling agencies

Never pay for foreclosure prevention assistance.
Real help is available for free. Call Save the Dream at (888) 404-4674 to be connected to a housing counselor or legal aid.


Take charge of your situation by immediately following these steps:

Call your lender and ask for the loss mitigation department. Be honest about your situation. If your lender doesnít help you, call Save the Dream at (888) 404-4674.

Stay in your home. If you leave, you may lose some of your rights. Vacancy also can lead to vandalism, and you could be responsible for any damage.

Open your mail. Government and nonprofit agencies may send you information to help you keep your home.

Beware of scams. Donít trust companies that ask for money in exchange for helping you save your home. Once they take your money, theyíll do nothing.

Contact your common pleas court and ask for foreclosure mediation. If itís available, the court will arrange a meeting with you and your lender to help save your home.

For more information or to report a foreclosure rescue scam, visit or call The Ohio Attorney General's Help Center at (800) 282-0515.