Disposal of
Hazardous Products...

Disposal of Hazardous Products

  Leftover products can poison someone; do not purchase more than is needed for the job.

  Households purchase almost 400 potentially hazardous products in a year.  These products tend to be stockpiled in garages, under sinks, in cabinets, and sheds.  These forgotten products can become a poison risk.  Only buy enough of the product for the job needed.

  Products should NEVER be discarded on the ground or poured into storm drains. Many products shouldn't even be disposed of in the trash or down the toilet. These products should be saved and taken to Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collections.

  Disposal instructions and reuse and recycling capabilities vary from municipality to municipality.  Limiting the amount of hazardous waste materials or removing them from the solid waste stream allows municipalities to reduce the potential for unintentional exposures to sanitation workers, materials recovery facility workers, landfill workers, and the environment.  For more information on disposal of hazardous products where you live, call Earth 911 at 800-CLEANUP, or visit www.earth911.org, and type in “hazardous waste” and your zip code to find the nearest disposal site.


General guidance for disposal:

  Products in pressurized containers

Products in non-pressurized containers

This includes liquids and solids (tablets, dusts, gels, pet products, etc.) in all other types of product containers (e.g., bags, boxes, bottles, cans, bait stations, squeeze tubes, etc.)