Risk Factors for Overdosing...


Painkillers have been around for a long time. So why has there just recently been such a great increase in the number of overdoses from painkillers?


Overdose:  the ingestion or application of a drug or other substance in quantities greater than are recommended or generally practiced.


Some of the reasons include:


Most people do not take a painkiller or other drugs with the intention of overdosing. 

 However, when prescription medications are used in ways other than how they were intended problems can arise. These can include overdose, toxic reactions, and serious drug interactions. This can lead to conditions such as slowed or stopped breathing, heart beating too fast or too slow, dangerously high or low blood pressure, seizures, and death.

Some of the common medication mistakes that can lead to overdosing include:


Virtually any prescription drug can be consumed for reasons other than its medical purpose; however, it is usually mood-altering drugs that are the focus of abuse. Some of the more popular prescription drugs for abuse include opiate-based drugs for pain relief, tranquillizers, stimulants and amphetamines, and sedatives and barbiturates.