Poisoning Safety...

Ninety percent of the potential poisoning exposures happen in the home.

There has been a change in the demographics of poisoning deaths.  Although children are still at risk, it is no longer only small children getting under the kitchen sink.  Now children ages 6 through 18 are 13 percent of the exposure and 3 percent of the deaths.  There is a rise in unintentional poisoning by adults older than 19 years of age.  They comprise 16 percent of the exposures and 97 percent of the deaths.   Adults older than 60 years of age represented 16 percent of poisoning fatalities reported to poison control cente

A number of factors have contributed to this increase in lives saved: 

Although most people think of poisoning as a childhood issue, adults are overwhelmingly the cause for the recent increase in unintentional poisoning deaths.  In some states, overdoses have surpassed motor vehicle crash deaths to become the leading cause of unintentional death.

Below you will find links to many different types of poisons and some tips of prevention:

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