Preventing Hazardous Chemical Poisonings...

Poisonings can be prevented, but if one occurs, call the nationwide toll-free number for poison centers, 1-800-222-1222, immediately. 

Take the following steps to prevent poisonings.


When using a potentially hazardous chemical:

When storing a potentially hazardous chemical:


Steps for cleaning up spills of potentially hazardous chemicals:

1.     Remove children and pets from the area where the spill occurred.

2.     Ventilate the area.

3.     Do not attempt to use cleaning products to clean up the spill.

4.     At a minimum, wear the appropriate protective gloves for the product. Other safety equipment may be required for volatile solvents, pesticides or corrosive products.

5.     Contain the spill to a small area by soaking it up with a non-flammable absorbent material, such as clay-based kitty litter.

6.     Put the contaminated material into a non-corroding container. A plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid is recommended.

7.     Seal the container and label it with the product name, approximate amount of product, absorbent material used, date, and the word DANGER or POISON.

8.     Contact local solid waste authorities for information on how to dispose of the contaminated material or save for a household hazardous waste collection (call for more information).

After the spill has been absorbed, thoroughly rinse the area several times with water and rags. Then wash the area carefully to remove remaining traces of the product.