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The Hubbard Township Police Department’s Community Police Program is based on our officers working hand in hand with the people we serve. Through our community police program, we have been able to grow closer to the residents of Hubbard Township. By working together, we feel we will be able to build a stronger and safer community.

We have started down the path with great success in our quest to build a bridge between our department and our fellow residents. Our department is always looking for new programs to benefit our Township. As any officer knows, a police department is only as strong as the community it serves!


Lucy Madeline, 87 years young, is one of many senior citizens who depends on the Hubbard Senior Citizens' Van for transportation. Community Police Officer Ken Miller is at the wheel as a fill-in driver, the newest initiative of our community policing program. snrvan.jpg (7651 bytes)

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Community Police Officer Ken Miller visits with Hubbard Cub Scout Pack 100 Den 8 at a recent meeting.

- Specific Programs The Hubbard Township Community Police Are Involved In -

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