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Pictured is the first group of men sworn into duty as Hubbard Township Police Officers
October 1978

L to R: Judge Luardi, John Karlovic, Fred Prassic, Clarence Brewer, Rick Wells,
Phillip Tammarow, Jeffrey Whitaker


The Hubbard Township Police Department became a reality on October 1, 1978. The township Board of Trustees, Mr. Jack Choppa (Chairman), Mr. Ralph Salerno, and Mr. Ray Kulow, along with the township clerk, Mrs. Helen Dubyak were instrumental in the formation of the police department.

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Mr. John B. Karlovic, a former Hubbard City Police Officer and Trumbull County Sheriff Deputy, was named the first Chief of Police on October 1, 1978. Since this time our Township Police Department has had Mike Begeot assume the position of Acting Chief in 1989 until Howard Bradley was appointed Chief of Police and he served until December 31, 1990. The department was without a Chief until June 6, 1991 when Officer Calvin (Rick) Wells took over and served until January 5, 1995. At this time, current Chief, Todd Coonce took over command.

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The department police cruisers have gone from Dodge, Chevrolet, and to the current Ford models. Since 1978 the cruiser fleet has grown from four (4) units to eight (8), not including the now used unmarked units.

In or about 1981 police dispatching was added to the department. Mr. John Kuty was appointed as Head Dispatcher at the time, and a short time later Ms. Peg Constantine assumed the position and held the position until the department progressed to the 9-1-1 system in 1994.

brew1.jpg (2597 bytes) There has only been one police officer unit number retired to date, this being unit #103, this was done in honor of Officer Clarence Brewer who passed on while in active duty status. Mrs. Iris Towns a former police dispatcher retired from township service in 1993, this, the only employee to have retired from the township police department to date.

Through the years the police department has received a "new face" with the improvement to the exterior of the township building and has upgraded from the revolver weapon to the semi-automatic pistol for all full time officers. Upgrades have been made from the Breathalyzer to the Datamaster Alcohol testing device and the purchasing of a Ford unmarked cruiser for the use of the department. The department also obtains unmarked units on a needed basis, this information remains in a confidential knowledge status.

The department has had its share of milestones in its first 20 years. The first female appointed to an officer position was Ms. Joyce A. Polovischak. Officer Kenneth D. Miller was assigned as the first juvenile officer, while Officer Mike Begeot was appointed as the first weaponscraft instructor in department history, handling all weapons qualifications for department members. Mr. Begeot was later named as the departments first ever investigator/detective and assumed the responsibility of heading all major investigations. Officer Todd Coonce was appointed as the departments’ first representative to the Trumbull County Drug Task Force and was later named as Task Force Director. Officer Randy Williams served Hubbard Township for a brief period as a member of the FBI’s Mahoning Valley Violent Crimes Task Force and was the departments first ever K-9 unit handler.

Throughout the history of our department, the Hubbard Township Police Department has had many members of its family. Including the original nine (9) officers, the department has had fifty (50) road officers, sixteen (16) dispatchers, one (1) sergeant, five (5) police chiefs and one (1) K-9, Officer Radar. Of the nine (9) original officers, two (2) are currently of status with the department and we have recently added a new member to our family K-9 Officer Trooper.

Weapons Training at the YSU Shooting Range


In Memoriam

Calvin Richard "Rick" Wells
1954 - 2012

Patrolman James V. Frank

Officer Ken Miller Retires

Officer Kenneth Miller retired from the Hubbard Township Police Department on June 30, 2009 after serving our community for 30 years. Officer Miller served as the department's first Juvenile Officer, Community Policing Officer and several years as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 85.

Officer Miller began the first Neighborhood Block Watch Program in Hubbard Township. Officer Miller was also responsible for many programs involving the youth of our community, which included Kops And Kids, Hooked On Fishing, Not On Drugs. In addition, he has been involved in many other programs from kindergarten screening, school bus ride-alongs, career shadowing and the youth police academy.

Officer Millers coached many years in Hubbard sports from midget league football to his current position as Hubbard High School varsity girl's fastpitch softball. Officer Miller can be found at many events showing his support to our youth.

Officer Miller has served this community with pride and dignity and has done much to give this department its reputation for friendly service.

Please join us by extending to Officer Miller our appreciation for the leadership he has provided in helping to keep our community safe for all these years and helping to build the strong organization our department is today.

Officer Miller's Last Day On The Job.

Police Department Rededication July 4, 2009

Hubbard Township Trustees and Hubbard Township Police Chief Todd Coonce formally cut the ribbon at a rededication ceremony on Saturday, July 4, 2009 at the Hubbard Township Police Department.  This rededication event marked the completion of the interior renovation to the police station and a renewal of the department's dedication to the residents of Hubbard Township.

The police department was founded in 1978 following a vote of the township residents to form a police district.  The police station was also built in 1978 and was in major need of updating the interior, modifications to the floor plan, safety improvements for police officers and the public, making the facility ADA compliant, and correcting several major structural deficiencies that dated back to the building's original construction.  Improvements were also made to the electrical service and internal service and communications wiring. 

Vince Bray of the Hubbard Township Road Department fabricated prisoner retention chairs and saved the Township over a thousand dollars.  Trustee Joe Gleydura built a communication charger and storage station using his professional carpentry talents.  The completed product represents the real spirit of the township police department, its personnel and all of the employees, management and the elected officials of Hubbard Township.  The Hubbard Township Police Department can serve its citizens better because of these improvements and we can all be proud of the improved image, increased utility and function of the redesigned and updated facility.