Motor Vehicle Safety

With so many people having cell phones these days, texting and driving has become a extremely big safety hazard. Are you aware of the hazard of texting and driving? Check out our section on
TEXTING AND DRIVING for Facts, Tips and Videos about the dangers of texting and driving.
*Warning* Some content is graphic in nature as it pertains of just what can happen while Texting and Driving and is intended for Mature Audiences Only.


 In a recent study, AAA conducted a large-scale comprehensive examination of naturalistic data from crashes that involved teenage drivers. Click HERE to read more facts involving teen crashes and the entire AAA Study.

The best way to help fight distracted driving is to get educated. Check out some
 FAQ's about Distracted Driving.


For the residents of the State of Ohio... Check out a copy of the Ohio Motor Vehicle Handbook.

Are you a truck driver from the state of Ohio or from out of state and pass through the Buckeye state while on the road? Chances are very good that at one point or another, you will be find yourself driving in Ohio.  Here is a guidebook that was put together by the State of Ohio for truck drivers that is full of laws and facts governing the operation of tucks upon Ohio roadways. Ohio Truck Drivers Guide Book

Did You Know that as of January 1st 2014, some changes have been made to Ohio’s existing “Move Over” law.  The “Move Over” driving law previously required drivers to slow down or change lanes when a police office or police vehicle was stopped along the side of the road. The new changes have expanded the existing law to include maintenance and construction workers. Click here to find out more about

And read about Ohio's Right Lane Law


A very popular myth: "
Your seat belt can hurt you in a crash."   WRONG, Seat belts DO work! In June 2003, Hubbard Township Police Officer Greene was struck head-on by a vehicle that was attempting to flee and elude law enforcement officers. Officer Greene was wearing his seat belt and was uninjured in the crash. Seat Belts do work. Check out some pictures of Officer Greene's crash and also some interesting facts on Seat Belt Safety and how SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES - When You CLICK IT OR TICKET  .


Have you recently moved into Ohio and have taken up residence? Check out some very important information you will need to know as a NEW OHIO RESIDENT.

Have you recently lost a close family member or a friend that was a vehicle owner that may have left that vehicle to you. Check out our  Guide for a Surviving Spouse, Family Members and Friends. This information will assist you when you transfer ownership of any vehicle owned by a deceased spouse, friend or relative.

Check out some interesting information on Your

Are you the owner of some outdoor motorized toys? If so you might want to check out the

Are you the parent of a teen driver or a teenage driver yourself? Check out some of these popular TEEN DRIVING MYTHS

“Where U At,” “LOL,” “Yeah,” – they’re hardly the most influential phrases in the English language. But for the drivers in a new video released by AT&T  called "The Last Text" as part of its campaign against texting and driving, reading those few little snippets changed their lives; in fact, they ended them. We urge EVERYONE to visit our page on TEXTING & DRIVING and to watch this video and to see just how one little text message can effect the lives of so many!!!

· While the Hubbard Township Police Department encourages everyone to NOT Drink and Drive... We ask that you familiarize yourself with the D.U.I. Laws and Fines of the State of Ohio, in hopes this will help you safely plan ahead and use a Designated Driver.

· What is Financial Responsibility?
· Financial Responsibility FAQ's

Here are some interesting driving tips for Teens

Have you ever been pulled over on a traffic stop? Have you ever thought of what you should do in this situation? Check out some helpful tips on just what to do if you are subject to a TRAFFIC STOP

Just how safe is your vehicle from theft or a break in? See what you can do to help deter criminals from making you a victim of their criminal activities. Check out some tips on VEHICLE THEFT OR BREAK-IN.

Ohio has recently changed its laws regarding its New Teen Drivers...  Do you know what your child can and cannot do?

Does your child know about SCHOOL BUS SAFETY?

Is your child safe while being a passenger in a motor vehicle?  Learn more about Child Passenger Safety

Why should you use SAFETY BELTS?

Why should you use SAFETY SEATS?

Are your safety seats up to standards? Use this SAFETY SEAT CHECK LIST to find out.

What should you do if you are on the highway and the vehicle you are in breaks down?

What should you do if you get a flat tire while traveling in your vehicle?

Tips for driving your vehicle that is equipped with Anti-Lock Breaks (ABS)

Reporting Accidents and Emergencies while driving.

Have you even been tired while driving?  Learn how you can avoid DRIVERS FATIGUE

Ever have trouble driving at night?  Here's a few tips on how to better handle NIGHT DRIVING.

* With crime on the rise, criminals are now taking to stealing various items and turning them into quick cash. 
The THEFT OF CATALYTIC CONVERTERS is on the rise.  See what you can do about keeping your vehicle safe.

Did you know that Ohio has a new law in effect that may effect you and your child? Check out some information on Ohio's NEW Booster Seat Law


Have you ever used your cell phone while driving your vehicle? If you have to use your phone while driving, check out some Do's and Don'ts of Cell Phone Safety.


Ever experience someone with Road Rage? Have you ever been upset at the person in front of you and honked your horn at them and possibly even taken it a little further? Do You Have Road Rage??  Check out some tips on How to deal with Road Rage.  And if you are not sure if you are a Road Rage Driver, take the Road Rage Quiz and see if you have Road Rage.


Check out some Do's and Don'ts of Driving Safety


Have you ever wondered what the snow emergency levels mean that you hear about on the TV or Radio? Stay informed with Ohio's Snow Emergency Levels and be prepared in the event a winter storm happens.

Do you own or ride an ATV? How about a scooter, a mini-bike or a golf cart? Chances are either you do, or you know someone that does. Effect July 1, 2010 The State of Ohio has instituted some new laws governing the ownership, registration and usage of all-purpose vehicles.  Check out how the new All-Purpose Vehicle Law affects you.