Senior Citizens Assistance Program



The Hubbard Township Police Department is organizing a Senior Citizens Assistance Program and we would appreciate any input from the community we well as the families of our seniors.  The primary goal of our Senior Citizens Assistance Program is to establish communications with our seniors and their families and to assist them in any way possible within our means.  Also included in the program will be weekly or biweekly visits.  At this point in time we need any potential names and addresses of our senior citizens of Hubbard Township that may be interested in this program.  We understand that some of the senior citizens in our community may be reluctant to come forward but we only want to open the door of communication and let them know that we are here to serve them.  The senior citizens of our community have been taxpayers for many years and the members the Hubbard Township Police Department would like to show our appreciation by initiating this program.  Any seniors of Hubbard Township that are interested in this program or any families who have loved ones in our community who may qualify for this program, please contact Officer Dominick Guarino at the Hubbard Township Police Department between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm at 330-534-9797.


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