Reports and Records

The Hubbard Township Police Department Records Division consists of 1 part-time clerk who is responsible for gathering, maintaining, filing, and distributing all paperwork produced by the department. Copies of police reports can be obtained Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Please call ahead, 330-534-8477 option #2 to make sure that a copy of the report is available. Reports can also be sent by email or fax. Cost is 10-cents per page. Insurance companies can pay by check.

Ohio Collaborative State Standards For Policing

The Ohio Collaborative, a 12-person panel of law enforcement experts and community leaders from throughout the state, established state standards – for the first time in Ohio’s history – on August 28, 2015, for use of force including use of deadly force and agency employee recruitment and hiring that can help guide law enforcement agencies in Ohio. 

These new standards will hold everyone accountable and instill a greater confidence with the public. The Collaborative works closely with partners, including the community and law enforcement agencies, to implement the new standards. All law enforcement agencies are expected to meet or exceed these new standards as they develop policies and procedures to meet these new expectations. The Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS), a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, communicated those new standards to Ohio’s nearly 960 law enforcement agencies. 

The Ohio Collaborative also provided model policies as a resource for agencies, and OCJS serves as a contact and is available to assist agencies with implementation. OCJS published a report on March 31, 2017, listing which state and local law enforcement agencies have adopted and fully implemented the new minimum standards. More than 500 agencies employing over 27,000 officers (in all 88 counties, representing 79 percent of all law enforcement officers in Ohio and most of Ohio’s metropolitan departments) are participating in the certification process.

We are proud to recognize that Hubbard Township Police Department has received certification in all the state standards to date to include:

  • Use of Force

  • Recruitment and Hiring

  • Community Engagement

  • Body Worn Cameras

  • Bias Free Policing

  • Investigation of Employee Misconduct

  • Vehicle Pursuit Policy